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Looking for some great tips to help get you healthy on the inside and shed those excess kilos?

Natural Food and Nutrition is offering food coaching at Fitness Matters.

Megan is a certified nutritionist with a degree in food science. Having worked in the food industry for many years Megan has a unique knowledge of what goes into food and how food can affect our overall health and ability to lose weight. Megan educates clients in a holistic manner empowering them to make wise food choices for life. In much the same way athletes succeed using the help of a sports coach, Megan coaches clients to reach long-term success!


Exciting news!!!!!

You asked we have delivered! The much awaited and anticipated Ride class has now become a new addition to Fitness Matters.

Ride 2Take a journey and Get your ride on! This indoor cycling experience and calorie-burner builds great legs. Roll over hills, chase the pack, spin the flats, climb mountains and sprint to the finish. Feel the thrill of energetic music and group dynamics with all the benefits of authentic interval training.

Since you control the intensity of the workout by adjusting your own bike, it’s a great workout for all ages if you’re just starting out or you’re an avid cyclist looking to train indoors. It’s also a great option to add to your other workouts. Sweat, burn calories and sweat some more!

5 Week Challenge

Have you registered yourself for Laura’s 5 week challenge?

Challenge not only your physical fitness but your mental fitness with this progressive 5 week intense workout. Each week increase the reps of each exercise by 20, until the final week where you are complete 100 of each exercise. Be warned this is not for the faint hearted, but you will be guaranteed results.

  • Star Jumps
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups

Register today and get started on a better YOU!!!

The Fitness Matters Bribie Island 7 Day Gym and Group Fitness Trial Pass.

If you’re thinking about joining a gym and reaching your fitness goals, why not give Fitness Matters Bribie Island a trial run for FREE!

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