Success Stories

Hannah Soini

Hannah started regularly attending the gym in Feb 2016 as she wanted to get fit before graduating Uni. She was sitting at her before weight of 100kg and has since lost over 5kgs and 47cm.

A regular at our classes, including Boxing, HIIT and Ride, as well as working out on the gym floor, she has increased her endurance, strength and is now enjoying exercise, knowing that she can push further and go harder.

She is now feeling more confident in herself, is having less mood swings, eating healthier and overall living a much more energised and healthy lifestyle. The key to her success has been consistency with coming to the gym, even when she hasn’t felt like it. She also ensures that she is always incorporating different exercises into her training, so she doesn’t become bored or unmotivated.

She has had to overcome a lack of motivation at times, particularly when her uni and working load has been higher, but instead of taking the easy way out she just makes sure she doesn’t think about it, she just gets in and gets it done. Laura and Stacey have been key in helping to keep her motivated, especially during classes, and changing up her gym floor program as needed.

Her future goals are to continue increasing her strength, fitness and confidence.

We have no doubt that Hannah will reach her goals, and we at Fitness Matters are very proud of all that she has achieved. We look forward to continuing to be a part of her fitness journey and wish her every success.

Rebecca Woodsbec

Bec joined us in August 2015 and in that time she has made such amazing changes to her lifestyle and physique. Upon hearing some hard truths from the Dr, Bec drove straight to Fitness Matters, where she made the decision she would commit to her health once and for all.

Over the last 11 months Bec has lost more than 12kgs and 26+ cm. She has gained strength, fitness and pushed herself to limits she didn’t realise she could. Her self-esteem and self-confidence has improved, and she is looking more amazing every day! Bec’s biggest challenge to overcome was her own self-doubt, which she now has the ability to keep pushing, even when the doubt creeps in.

Bec is grateful to the expertise and care she receives from all the staff members, and the care her children receive in the crèche. She has formed some lifelong friendships with likeminded people, chasing their goals just like herself, whom with oftentimes they end up in a sweaty giggly mess.

She is now able to run for longer periods on the treadmill, and lift heavier weights. She has moved from the comfort of Group Fitness, which she still loves and participates in, to the gym floor and is now conquering the weights with confidence, and the scales are certainly showing the effort she is putting in.

Her advice to others is to “Get out of your head. Unless those little voices are words of encouragement, then try to get out of there whenever the self-doubt kicks in” and to “just keep showing up, whether you feel like it or not – you never regret it afterwards.”

Although her future goals are to win lottery and have Laura as a full-time PT, she would love to lose another 6-8kg, drop 10-15cm more and run a Short Marathon.

We at Fitness Matters have no doubt in our minds that Bec will absolutely reach her goals (although we can’t help with the lottery) and we are so very proud of her achievements. Her mindset, passion and determination are admirable and we wish her all the best!

Bec you are AMAZING!

Stevie Baxterstevie

In October 2014 Stevie decided enough was enough and that it was time for her to take control of her health and fitness. Over the next 6 months, she begun training using Group Fitness classes as her ammo.

In May 2015 it all really started to kick into drive. She was consistent in her training and attended various classes, with Bootcamp, Power, Core and Boxing being her favourites. Stevie is one of the strongest group fitness members I have ever seen, and not only does she inspire those around her, she inspires the trainers as well. (She sure packs some serious punch in the boxing!)

With her fitness and strength increasing in leaps and bounds, alongside her Group Fitness classes, Stevie begun spending more time on the gym floor, adhering to her program, making better nutritional choices and is now reaping those benefits.

She has now lost more than 54cm and 5kg and her strength is out of this world. (Look at those numbers…it’s not always about the scale weight, it’s about body composition.)

Her self-confidence has improved and she is learning to like her body. She is happier in life and it is flowing through to her lifestyle. She would love to train for a body-building competition, and to get down to 70kgs.

Stevie loves coming to Fitness Matters, and we love being a part of her journey.

We are very proud of you Stevie. As a mother of 6, your determination, passion, and effort is admirable. You inspire others to work hard and we look forward to seeing you smash more goals in the future.


A little bit about me!

Hi my name is Stacey – alongside my husband I am the owner/manager of Fitness Matters Bribie Island. From a very young age I had a dream of owning my own business, it was actually a sports shoe shop I was wanting to own, but over the years of growing up my interests and passion developed for sports and fitness. During my high school years I was a competitive Volleyball player, being selected in a number of school, state and Australian teams. My experiences during those times lead me to believe in myself, gain confidence, achieve goals and gain knowledge in the industry of health and fitness.

After leaving school I worked in a Pharmacy for 8 years before having my eldest child. While pregnant with our son, I completed my certificates 3&4 in fitness and started my career as a Personal Trainer at the USQ in Toowoomba, before moving to Bribie Island 10 years ago. From there I have worked as a personal trainer at Fernwood Caboolture, Built up a client base working from home, and at Fitness Matters. I have also over that time developed and implemented a Kids program designed to help kids from the ages of 2-12 develop their skills in a non-sports bases environment. A program I am very proud to have established.

We opened Fitness Matters Bribie Island with the intention of creating a gym environment that people felt welcome in, a place where they could go to achieve something significant for themselves, to feel good and positive about their lives, to help, support, educate and congratulate those who have made a positive change.

For those that I have met during this journey, thank you for making my world a pleasure to be a part of – you have taught me, you have inspired me and you have given many many laughs and smiles along the way. To those I have not met yet, I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.



Paul Galvin

Congratulations to Paul Galvin

Shout out to this legend! Paul has been chasing the 100kg bench press, and last night he absolutely smashed it!

Well done Paul, your effort and determination put into every session is 100% and we are all very proud of how far you have come.


Fred Paturso joined Fitness Matters a few months ago and after dropping a substantial amount of weight on his own, he decided he wanted to increase his fitness in order to complete an extended overseas trip this year.

Seeing Fred in the classes has been a pleasure, as his fitness and strength is coming up in leaps and bounds. He participates in most classes the gym has to offer, and his positive attitude certainly rubs off on you.

All the best Fred on the remainder of your fitness journey, we look forward To seeing you continue smashing through your goals.


courtney success pic

Courtney Morris

So Very Proud of this lovely lady and the journey she has been on to overcome her own health issues. Great Work Courtney!!!

“When I was pregnant with Addison it was discovered I had hypothyroidism, which means my thyroid doesn’t work at all pretty much and over the past 3/4 years my metabolic rate has slowed down so much it’s well below average. I found my once extremely high metabolism and naturally good genes were failing me. I put on weight – I’ve never put on weight except when being pregnant. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted, not exercise and still look toned and lean.

Over the past year I’ve put on 8kgs! I had enough so decided to seek help with a thyroid specialist, she has me taking vitamin D, iodine, magnesium, selenium and vitamin B’s in order to naturally kickstart my thyroid into working by itself again. Medically all they test for is T4 levels but if our bodies aren’t turning that into T3 naturally then our thyroid still isn’t functioning. I’ve also been put on a gluten free diet and no longer eat any night shade veggies eg; broccoli, kale, Brussel sprouts etc (all of my favourites). This combined with some PT’s at my gym has seen me change from left to right in a matter of a month.

I would never normally let anyone see me like this (left) as I was so ashamed of my body and felt extremely uncomfortable – I’d never experienced weight gain like this before. However, it’s been a silent battle and having hypothyroidism is really difficult at times. Some days I feel so mentally and physically exhausted I just want to curl up and sleep but I never could let it beat me. So I’m back on track, headed toward a healthy more energised and summer ready me.

We’re all battling something a smile can hide but this is something I can try and take control of and be the version of me I used to be proud of. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but can definitely see a difference in my shape. Onwards and upwards! Screw you thyroid!”

sharon harvey

Sharon Harvey

Sharon Harvey is one of our amazing members that is getting closer to her goals.  Beginning her journey as a size 22 at 109kg, she is now a comfortable size 14 and enjoying things in life that she never previously even attempted. (Including Bootcamp!)
Although her physical transformation has been astounding; some months having dropped 27cms off her body, it has also been a mental game. Her confidence levels are increasing and she has a much better relationship with food and herself.

Congratulations on your success so far Sharon and we look forward to continuing to be a part of your journey!