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Looking for some great tips to help get you healthy on the inside and shed those excess kilos? Natural Food and Nutrition is offering food coaching at Fitness Matters.

Megan is a certified nutritionist with a degree in food science. Having worked in the food industry for many years Megan has a unique knowledge of what goes into food and how food can affect our overall health and ability to lose weight.

Megan educates clients in a holistic manner empowering them to make wise food choices for life. In much the same way athletes succeed using the help of a sports coach, Megan coaches clients to reach long-term success!


20141009_104220We all know that our kids are the most important part of our lives, so to help you achieve your goals we have a warm friendly crèche for your little VIP’s to enjoy and be cared for during your visit to Fitness Matters. Our crèche team have structured activities such as craft, outdoor play, games and heaps more to keep your little ones occupied.

Creche Hours

Monday – Friday 9am-11am

Monday – Thursday 5pm-7pm

Saturday 7am-10am


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Did you know? Of all people who exercise, only 25% get results, and for those achieving results 90% have a personal trainer.

Our personal trainers are fully qualified and have obtained a Certificate 4 in fitness. With a wealth of knowledge our trainers will provide you with technique advice, program design and one-on-one personal training sessions, instruct group fitness classes and educate you on leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Mick – Recomp Coachmick recomp 2

Introducing Eating Psychology & Recomp Coach. For over 8 years he’s worked in the Health industry helping guide, change and improve the lives of all kinds of populations including everyday people looking for their optimal health and body, professional athletes, the elderly, business executives, FIFO workers, children, those with depression, anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, bulimia, obesity, diabetes, drug addiction, MS, rehabilitation needs and anybody who wants to improve the quality of their life through continual personal growth.

From coaching one on one as an expert strength coach and achieving as a natural bodybuilder, Mick caters towards constructing tailor made training programs to achieve any clients desired body and mindset. Legally prescribed are diets implemented as a sports nutrition specialist to ensure every client can maximize fat loss aswell as gain quality muscle, supporting long term results to achieve their desired body shape and composition. Working in the realm of nutritional psychology he compliments all his clients by not just being a dependable coach but as an understanding and respectful confidant to ensure all his clients needs are met physically and mentally.

Mick Recomp


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Total Sports Nutrition (TSN) are the latest innovators in dietary supplementation and apparel. TSN has designed a range of supplements to suit every body and every goal, from the morning walker to the elite athlete, TSN will get you looking food & feeling great.

TSN’s product range is a result from many years of research from experts who are specialists in the field of dietary supplementation. Quality is never sacrificed for profit during the manufacture of TSN products, ensuring health care & industry professionals can recommend them with confidence.

Taking into consideration all fitness levels, goals, needs and lifestyles, TSN has introduced a system to accommodate every person’s needs. This will ensure all customers/clients have the confidence in choosing products suited to their individual needs.

Visit their website at or ask the friendly team at reception for more information.



Ryderwear is proud to introduce our line of women’s and men’s gym clothing, made for anyone who is serious about fitness but still wants to look great in the gym. This gym wear collection is designed in Australia and made from premium fabrics which fit like a glove whilst locking away sweat and keeping the wearer cool.

It’s the ultimate gym apparel for those who are serious about their workouts, yet don’t want to compromise on looks.

The current collection of women’s gym clothes includes over 35 different styles designed to work together as a complete fitness wardrobe or as flexible separates. We stock sports bras, singlets, racerbacks, T-back tanks, rib tanks, tees, booty shorts, running shorts, full length tights and yoga style waistband capris. Clothes for women come in a range of different sizes from XS (Approx Aus 6) to XL (Approx Aus 14+).

Since 2010, Ryderwear has been producing collections of men’s gym clothes that are designed for fit bodies, yet with quality finishes and a relaxed street style that wearers can take from the gym to just hanging out.

Our current range of gym clothing for men includes over 50 different styles in range of sizes for lean guys, built guys and every size in between. We stock a range of men’s gym tops online including tanks, hoodies, shorts, pants, basketball style jerseys and even long sleeved tops for outdoor workouts in the cooler months.

Ryderwear is differentiated from other men’s apparel by the combination of athletic and casual design. If you’re not the kind of guy who wants to wear full on compression gear or zoot suits every time you train, but also want to look great and show off your hard earned body, this gym wear is just what you’ve been looking for.

You’ll be able to work out for longer thanks to the relaxed fit and highly engineered fabrics, or just chill out and show off out of the gym.

Browse the range in club today or if we don’t have what you want let us know and we can order it for you.


Swimming Pool and Spa Facilities

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Pool hours

Monday – Friday 5am-8pm (access code required)

Spa & Steam Room hours

6am-8pm 7 days a week